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Welcome to my Quake map page. I've taken a long break from Quake with my current interest in other games (World of Warcraft in particular), but I fully expect to start creating levels for Quake again in the near future. Currently there are just a couple of my release-worthy maps listed on this site, but if time ever allows, there will be more to come sometime.

>> OLD NEWS <<

january 23, 2004 - evdm1: black rain released

I have just released my first deathmatch level, black rain. This level features a unique new look and feel when compared to the normal style deathmatch level. This level is very good for 1on1, but a blast with even more players! There is a pentagram far off on the outside of the level - and can only be reached with a tricky quad rocket-jump. Don't fall off the side of the level!

If you want to play this level with another player, it is currently running on the following Quakeworld server address:


>> DOWNLOAD EVDM1 (309kb) <<

I decided to post a deathmatch demo my friend and I recorded on my level. This shows a lot of the features of my map in action. There is also a badass airshot in this demo at like 7:40 the way through :)

>> DOWNLOAD 1ON1 DEMO (1.56MB) <<